Adult Classes at the Westgate Leisure Centre, PO19 1RJ


Monday Night :


16yrs+  19.30-20.30/20.30-21.30

This is a beginner based class but all grades are welcome.


Wednesday Night :


11-16yrs 18.30-19.30

Teen based Group Started late 2016

Class Cost £2.50


    18 yrs+ 19.30-20.30/20.30-21.30

This is an Advance class aimed at the Senior Students but, all grades are welcome including Beginners.


Classes cost:  1Hour =£3.00    2hours=£5.00



Classes at the New Dojo, New Park Centre, PO19 7XY


Adult Beginner Class 18+


Saturday Morning 8.00-9.00am

Cost £3.00


Junior and Young Adult (5-18yrs)


Saturday  9.15-10.15

Cost £2.50



Beginners are always welcome to join us.



For more information on any of the Classes please contact us.