Adult Classes at the Westgate Leisure Centre, PO19 1RJ


Monday Night :


16yrs+  19.30-20.30    Begginers/Kyu grade Level

20.30-21.30  Weapons


Wednesday Night :


11-18yrs   18.30-19.30   Class Cost £2.50


    18 yrs+ 19.30-20.30  Begginer/Kyu Grade Level

20.30-21.30  Dan Grade Level


All Grades are welcome at all Classes. the Classes will be tatlored to the Grade level stated above


Classes at the New Dojo, New Park Centre, PO19 7XY


Saturday Morning 8.00-9.00am  Begginer/Kyu Grade Level



Junior and Young Adult (5-18yrs)    9.15-10.15

Cost £2.50


Beginners are always welcome to join us.


Class Cost   1 Hr £3.00  2 Hrs  £5.00


For more information on any of the Classes please contact us.