Chief Coach Mike Hurley began his journey in Traditional Aikido in 1972, he was one of the original members of the United Kingdon Aikido Federation under John Cornish and also attended courses with Mr Tao and Chiba Sensei. After moving to the south coast in 1980 he joined Jerry Duffy studying Tomiki Aikido and Jujitsu.

In 1987 he returned to the Traditional path joining the National Aikido Federation (NAF) under Michael Narey and attended the 25 Anniversary Course in Paris in 1989 for Nobuyoshi Tamura.

The Chichester Aikido Club, linked to the NAF was founded in 1990 As a member of the NAF Mike has attended courses across Europe studying under Michael Narey(8th Dan), Nobuyoshi Tamura(8th Dan), Sadateru Arikawa (9th Dan) and Pierre Chassang (8th Dan).

Mike under the NAF, gained 1st Dan in 1990 awarded by Michael Narey and Nobuyoshi Tamura. In  2012 Mike was Awarded 5th Dan by Michael Narey.




The Club Senior Coach Scott Luckham(3rd Dan) started training in Aikido in 1996. From 1999-2004 Scott was an assistant coach of the Junior Class with Ken De Hann, until Ken left the National Aikido Federation. At this point Scott went on to complete his Coaching Qualification. In 2005 Scott attained his Shodan (1st Dan) and took up the role of Club Coach and has continued to Coach Adult classes at Chichester. Scott has attended many courses taken by Michael Narey and has also attended seminars where Pierre Chassang was the Primary Instructor. In 2013 Scott started a new Junior and Young Adult class which is growing and is looking to increase the number of classes available.